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curriculum vitae
My name is Florian Reithofer and I am a motion designer based in Graz, Austria.
Currently I am enrolled in a Master of Media Design at FH Joanneum. My focus and passion are in motion design and direction.
I am always interested in any offers and opportunities concerning my special field.
– surrendered by water
field: concept, 3D visualization
year: 2015

Swallowed dreadnaught in the abyss, drowned coastal lines overwhelmed by Tsunamis, hidden treasures swallowed by the deep sea. Primordial force of water - ruthless and all powerful, therein lies the attraction. ABSAUFEN (drowning), exhibits an unusual view point that is preoccupied with the process of submerging and unearths a secret or two about terrestrial waters. One hundred pages of gripping stories and facts from the deep.